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Overview - Endeavor's Oil and Gas Expert Advisory Group

The Endeavor Oil and Gas Expert Advisory Group (EAG) is the most comprehensive and globally recognized team of operationally proven experts in the industry. Our EAG has over 200 team members intimately knowledgeable in the challenges facing the industry today around the world. Our advisors have decades of experience ranging from reservoir management to decommissioning from the perspective of both operators and service companies.

We deliver our expertise in a form that is best suited for our clients.  This includes serving as a “behind the scenes advisor”, fielding a team to directly solve a complex problem, provide mentorship, or to bridge the gap in resources and talent.

Overview - Endeavor's Oil and Gas Expert Advisory Group


The arctic environment is high risk/reward.  To meet our clients’ needs, Endeavor Management has assembled a very experienced team to support arctic assessment, strategy and operational...


Decommissioning Team: Transform the necessary task of decommissioning into another area for your company to demonstrate sound technical achievement and effective financial performance.


Effectiveness of developing and delivering capital investment is diminishing as measured by the realization of project goals and return on capital employed. Why? Endeavor Management views the...


Due Diligence Team Translate our Experience into Real Business Value Enhance your organization’s ability to add value by the timely evaluation of exploration and production properties to...


Overview The Endeavor Management Construction and Installation Team provides advisory services in the areas of construction, transportation and installation of marine structures and equipment. The...


Oil and Gas Speciality Support Team Aligning People, Information and Data with Strategic Objectives Our Oil and Gas Specialty Support Team (part of our Expert Advisory Group ) is a central...

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