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Support EVOLVE Student Program

Help Support the Next Generation of Fearless Explorers

  • During 2018 and 2019, Mike Forrest and Allen Bertagne, between them, donated over $100,000 to support the next generation of E&P Professionals in the SEG EVOLVE Student Program.  


  • This was done through EVOLVE Team Sponsorships and by covering travel, accommodation and other expenses associated with 80 students who attended the SEG Annual Meetings in Anaheim and San Antonio.  

  • For 2020, Mike Forrest has donated $30,000 to the SEG Foundation as a Challenge for companies and individuals to donate, at any level, to the SEG EVOLVE Student Program, including sponsoring a team. Mike sponsored the University of Oklahoma team and personally mentored them as they undertook a very challenging Project offshore New Zealand.


  • If you want to join Allen and Mike in supporting the next generation, you can do so through one of the simple options shown below: 

Mike and Allen.jpg
Donate to the
EVOLVE  Program Support Fund

If you wish to make a Tax deductible donation to SEG EVOLVE please do so here (a simple "I am not a robot" security check  will come up first):

Corporate Sponsorship of EVOLVE Student Teams

If you wish to make a Tax deductible donation to SEG EVOLVE as a corporation with added benefits, please open the form below and send the completed form to Mike Forrest at

New Coorporate Donation SS.PNG
SEG Donation.PNG

Please open, download and edit in Acrobat Reader

or print, sign and E-mail

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