Allen Bertagne discusses The Great Crew Change,

SEG EVOLVE and NexGen Training Partners

(7 min. video from URTEC 2020)

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EVOLVE Professional Schedule

EVOLVE Professional is scheduled 4 times in the year. To the right you will find the schedule and you can find  the Non-binding commitment form below.

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What the Industry says

"The SEG EVOLVE program has broken all stereotypes of what well-rounded explorationist training should look like. This is a multidisciplinary collaboration tool for future oil and gas professionals. It is a first of its kind in the degree of professionalism, technical challenge, real-life situations, noncompetitive learning environment, and peer and mentor support that it offers"

- Olga Nedorub

Geophysicist at Apache Corporation

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"EVOLVE exhibits the essence of how the geophysics profession will be practiced in the future and exemplifies ‘experiential learning’ that will help transition recent graduates to qualified contributing professional interpreters"

- Nancy House

Principal Scientist, Integrated Interpretation,
and SEG Past President

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"EVOLVE gives students in the beginning of their career a unique opportunity to work in real data as well as real “problem” situations allowing them to develop team work, leadership, and their skills in a learning and cooperative environment"

- Elita de Abreu

EVOLVE 2016 participant, currently at Petrobras

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